Imagine For A Moment…

Imagine recapturing your energy and zest for life, and coping better with:

  • Work, relationship & everyday stresses
  • Fear and panic attacks
  • Anxiety, despondency or low self esteem
  • Withheld grief
  • Unresolved trauma
  • Stressy symptoms

That better space needn’t be just a dream.  You can quite simply change your life with homeopathy:

In a 2006 survey 87% of patients complaining of mental or emotional difficulties reported positive change from homeopathic treatment. *
A 2009 study shows homeopathy is at least as effective as Prozac in mild – moderate depression.*

Medical bodies MHRA and NICE state the risks of taking antidepressants outweigh any benefits. Their advice? Seek alternative treatment.*

You could benefit next (for more information on homoeopathic care when battling anxiety or other emotional strain see SAD – Strain, Anxiety, Despondency.)  With a 90% success rate (see Results & Testimonials), and experience as a homoeopath for MIND, I’d love to help you. I’m warm, approachable and non-judgemental.  And I genuinely care.

Take that first step towards a better life right now by calling in confidence to see how I can help you.


Picture The Scene…

Imagine the smiles and laughter as the emotional and physical best in your child is gently coaxed out so that he or she can flourish.  Wouldn’t you love to:

  • Calm your baby?
  • Ease your little one’s nightmares?
  • See an end to challenging behaviour?
  • Balance your teenager’s moods?
  • Reduce her exam stresses?

With homeopathy, that carefree and happy scene can become a reality for your family:

Research in 2001 compares homeopathic treatment  and Ritalin in children with hyperactivity.  75% responded favourably to homeopathy and 22% to Ritalin – with the added bonus of no side effects from homeopathy.*
A 1997 study concluded that homeopathy should be the chosen treatment for ear infection in children: of 103 treated with homeopathic remedies only 5 needed antibiotics –- a success rate in excess of 95%.*

Just two snippets of evidence homeopathy works.  See Pregnancy, Babies, Children for further info. on homeopathy for kids of all ages – even while still a bump.

Call now to kick start the difference for your little one.  A seasoned teacher (see About Alternative Tune) I have DBS clearance, and enjoy a natural rapport with the little monkeys.

I’d love to help your child flourish.


Meet Your Homeopath, Lucy

Oops, you noticed – I haven’t said “hello” yet.  (Too busy wanting to help you instead).  So, a very warm welcome to the site.  Do come further in…

Read my personal guarantee to you by going to About Alternative Tune.  You’ll spot my qualifications and experience there too.  And you’ll find a real person – one who’s warm, open-minded, as serious and as silly as you, and who really cares.
Go to What is Homeopathy?  to learn how I personalise your care to benefit the ‘whole’ of you.  Evidence Homeopathy Works is where you’ll find the science proving homeopathy works, & my Testimonials (all with signature held on file) are there so others can reassure you.  They include a case study of homeopathy in the operating theatre.

Be assured your past, present and future are safe in Lucy’s capable hands.

(MR, Northants.)

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I’d love to help you. Call me now for a free chat to break the ice or book an appointment (see Your Consultation and Fees).

I genuinely look forward to hearing from you.  I’m every bit as engaged in my work now as I was when I began training (last century – just!)  So I hope you’ll be another of the 90% of people who respond to homeopathy with me.

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Warm wishes


Lucy Mason

MA, BMus (Hons), PGCE, DSH, RSHom

Classical Homeopath






P.S.  The comprehensive 2012 Swiss Health Technology Assessment reveals positive results for homeopathy in 20 0f 22 reviews summarized and finds it safe and cost-effective*.  Conversely, “the vast majority of drugs – more than 90% – only work in 30-50% of people, according to Britain’s biggest drugs company*.  And research in the British Medical Journal suggests as many as 250,000 adverse drug reactions a year – side effects to you and me – in the UK alone*.

On the other hand, homeopathy is known to be safe, non-addictive and free from toxic side effects.  It can be used alongside conventional meds, and it’s customised for you.  All for less than the cost of plumbing in a washing machine.  (See Fees).

Why go on suffering when 9/10 patients benefit* from homeopathic care – and you could be next?