About Lucy

Somewhere off the well-trodden sheep trails, keeping counsel with the larks and crickets atop a remote hillside, or dreaming contentedly beside a tumbling stream, you’ll find me… an eternally free spirit with a glint in my eye and a song in my heart; one foot rooted comfortably in tradition and the other happily poking about in glorious exploration.

Facing life’s imponderables with fire in my belly and ready humour on my lips, I nonetheless pursue my quest for depth, substance and meaning with authenticity, feeling, compassion and a tenacious individuality.

Driven by a sublime passion for the natural world and a spirituality born of that, my inspiration, refuge and strength is forever the bounty of Mother Nature and her turning seasons.


That pretty much sums up what makes me tick.  As for my interests – well, with such a deep connection to nature, the lure of the ‘green’ dream and some degree of rural self-sufficiency is an inevitable attraction.  And give me truly good food and you’ll keep me quiet for an age, (an otherwise impossible task!) and put a smile on my face beyond your wildest imaginings.

I love the freedom of rag-top motoring, also music-making and music of many styles as well as writing and the Arts and culture in general.  I appreciate and value stimulating conversation, period property and antiques, walking, cycling and photography – and of course people.

And my heroes?  J.S.Bach, J.S.Bach and J.S.Bach.  Oh, and occasionally others come close – Samuel Hahnemann (‘founder’ of homeopathy), Ronnie Barker, Christina Rossetti, Agatha Christie, Beatrix Potter and Jamie Oliver all feature, as well as the hero inside each and every one of us.