Always Late

So, this month’s blog post is late. Ok, so it’s through circumstances beyond my control, but late it is. Sorry.

Of course that reminds me of the folk who always seem to be late for everything. No matter hard they try, some people arrive just after the set time. Some misjudge time, some seem to get a phone call just as they’re leaving the house. Then there are those who are so laid back they just don’t really care, as they don’t see time as important. (Luckily the latter are probably the most forgiving if you’re late yourself!)

The homeopathic remedies best suited to these tardy folk tend to be Calcarea Carbonica, Platina, Pulsatilla and Silica. There are others too, but if you’ve a reputation for always being late take a look and see if one of these seems like a good fit for you.

And for those who are irritated by lateness, sorry again for being late with my blog this month.

Warm wishes,