Investing in your well-being

Your first appointment lasts up to 90 minutes and a standard consultation up to 45.  (You get a lot more of my time though – as you’ll see shortly).  Compared with private GP fees, (c.£200 an hour, according to our friend Google), homeopathy is great value for money:

  • Standard homeopathic consultation £70
  • 1st appointment £90

Fees include your prescription and P&P; no hidden surprises or added VAT.

A breakdown is below; please note the critical and considerable time spent on case analysis following your appointment. This varies but up to 5 hours may be dedicated to your case in total – less at a follow-up.  Appointments can be shorter for young children, but case analysis times are similar for adults and little people.

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Only full consultations & repeat prescriptions are charged for.

All other (reasonable) contact is free, whether it’s a no-obligation new enquiry or advice when you’re an existing patient.

Please ask if you have any queries so you’re clear what you’re getting for your outlay – beyond the investment in your future.

Fees include:

  • Your consultation (initial c.90 mins, follow-up c.45 mins)
  • Case analysis (up to 4 hours)
  • Your homeopathic remedy
  • Receipt if required
  • P&P as appropriate
  • Telephone contact as appropriate


Clinic Fees

  • INITIAL CONSULTATION – adult – £90
  • INITIAL CONSULTATION – under 16 – £85
  • FOLLOW-UP CONSULTATION – adult – £70
  • FOLLOW-UP CONSULTATION – under 16 – £65


TELEPHONE FEES (normal call charges apply):

  • Initial enquiry/information – FREE
  • Advice between consultations – FREE
  • Repeat prescription – £25
  • Acute/first aid ‘phone consultation & remedy – By negotiation
  • Full ‘phone consultation & remedy – As clinic prices



  • Attendance at hospital operation/other surgery – By negotiation
  • Attendance at childbirth – By negotiation
  • Home visits – By negotiation


Fees relate to homeopathic care only.  Relevant practical advice may mean you’d like to buy an item elsewhere  – things like elderberry cordial, surgical tape – or even a hot water bottle.  You get the idea…