With the increasingly pressing concerns over climate change, I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my carbon footprint.

After much deliberation, that’s led me to the decision to now focus my practice in Wales and Herefordshire, to minimise the miles I cover.

It’s not been an easy decision, because, although it helps environmentally, I do feel a sense of commitment to my existing Northamptonshire patients. However, phone consultations will still be available, indefinitely. It’s also possible that we can meet somewhere suitable or arrange a home visit when I’m in your area pestering the friends I’ve made there over the years.

You might like to know I have a lot of experience with phone consultations. I guess our shifting lifestyles towards more remote or virtual living and our growing environmental concerns have driven that. Whilst I’m an advocate of face-to-face work, I’m also very comfortable with phone work. Critically, the therapeutic results are comparable, and it’s a bonus that it’s a better option environmentally.

Whether you’re reading this in Northamptonshire or on the Welsh border, I hope you’re enjoying the Spring bursting forth around you.

Warm wishes,