From Bishop to Brewer

Those of you who’ve known me for 3 years or longer will remember Old House, my hideaway in the hills near Hay, where I spent a very happy 7 years.  As they say, all good things come to an end though, and when my landlady sold the house in late 2015 I had to close that door and open the next. So move on I did, and it rather feels as if I haven’t stopped moving – Springfield followed for a few months before a couple of years at Bishop Cottage.

HillsNow, three house moves later, an amazing Radnorshire retreat’s given me the chance to return to my beloved hills around Hay, and I’ve just landed successfully in:

Brewers Barn
Builth Wells

New phone number: 01497 851348.

There’s no mobile signal (bliss!) but my email address is still

Some will jest it’s a fall from grace – my brief flirtation with the Bishop has been swept aside as I’ve fallen in love with the Brewer.  I’m very much hoping it’ll be a long term relationship this time.

Look forward to welcoming you to my new home.

Warm wishes,