Green Stuff

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Being eco-friendly is very in tune with the natural principles of homeopathy.   It’s also my personal ethos in life, so it’s automatic for me to consider the impact my practice has on the environment.

Alternative Tune is a member of the Prince’s Mayday Network (founded in 2007 to help businesses ‘work towards a sustainable future’).

Listed on this page are the other green/ethical efforts in my practice.


Homeopathic prescriptions are many times more frugal than orthodox drugs – so use far fewer resources.

I source remedies from within the UK (mainly from leading homeopathic pharmacy Helios –


Business stationery is all carbon neutral as my chosen minimum environmental requirement.  That means from sustainable sources and FSC certified (the only wood certification scheme endorsed by the major environmental charities, including The Woodland Trust, WWF, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace & Rain Forest Alliance).

I’ve experimented with, and am now gradually switching to 100% recycled paper as stocks need replenishing.  (Apparently recycled really is better for the environment.  Supplier has details).

Corrugated cardboard packaging for protecting your remedy in the post is reused (from the pharmacy).

All scrap paper is saved and used for rough workings etc.

New envelopes which match the current business stationery are used for despatching remedies but if you’d prefer me to reuse an old envelope instead please ask.


All printing ink is bought as unwanted ‘pre-owned’.

As long as it’s fit for purpose, technical equipment is used until no longer serviceable (some dates from last century!)

Green web hosts are powering my website.

Home consulting room

All cleaning products are eco-friendly.

Energy supply is from 100% renewable sources through

Furniture etc. is mainly antique/vintage – so very re-used!


With practices in two areas, I block my time carefully to avoid unnecessary journeys, and drive one of the greenest options of car suitable for motorway miles, regularly returning in excess of 55mpg.  I’ve researched lpg conversion and may opt for this cleaner fuel in the future.  I’ve also deliberately preserved my adored 1985 Golf cabby from landfill.