Although menopause is a natural process, women can become out of balance at this time just as any other.  The emotional and physical adjustments which have to be made can make this a particularly demanding phase of life, and of course being uptight impacts on the body.   So it’s little wonder this time in a woman’s life can seem like a vicious circle!


Two large studies have demonstrated the dangers of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and concluded that overall the health risks of taking the most common form (‘combined HRT’), outweigh the benefits:

A 2002 US trial found there’s an increased risk of breast and uterine cancer, heart attack and stroke, and had to be stopped early because of the health risks involved *.

In 2005, results of the NHS-led ‘Million Women Study’ confirmed the combined HRT link to breast cancer, and also found a significant risk of endometrial cancer from oestrogen-only HRT *.

Homeopathic care in menopause has been shown to help women suffering from hot flushes and sweats, mood swings, headaches, fatigue, anxiety and sleeping difficulties.  In an NHS Well-Woman clinic study in Sheffield, 81% of 102 patients reported improvements of these symptoms after homeopathic attention *.