Pregnancy, Babies, Children

Woman and child blowing bubblesYou’ll want reassurance I’ve got lots of experience working with pregnant women, babies, children and adolescents.  My MA (see About Alternative Tune) involved an in-depth look at the way children’s minds, emotions and understanding develop, from within the womb onwards. This combines with many years’ experience teaching all ages, as well as senior boarding school pastoral care – and a real interest in young people.

I seem to have a natural rapport with the little monkeys, and my practice reflects this, with approximately as many babies and little ones as ‘grown ups’ (as well as the ‘in-betweens’) among my patients.

I’m pregnant so don’t want to take any medication – is homeopathy a safe alternative?

Pregnant tummy laid down on a hammockBecause the action of homeopathic remedies comes from their energy (see What is Homeopathy?) there are no synthetic or toxic substances in them.  These aren’t in any way drugs in the conventional sense.

The measurable physical content is simply sucrose (cane-sugar) and lactose (milk-sugar), or non-lactose pillules for those with dairy intolerance and vegans.  (It’s just possible a miniscule inert trace (massively diluted) of the original substance from which the remedy’s been prepared may be left.  See What is Homeopathy? and Where’s the Evidence? for more details of dilution to this level).

Quite simply, there’s no gentler help during the physical and emotional changes or complications of pregnancy, (as well as labour, the birth itself, and breastfeeding).  So no need for you to struggle on in silence.

And for your ‘bump’ it’s lovely – by stimulating your vitality and staying as healthy as possible during such an important time of life, you’re giving your developing baby the optimum conditions in which to thrive. Judy Norsigian and Jane Pincus, co-authors of  “The New Our Bodies, Our Selves” speak highly of the use of homeopathy:

Homeopathic remedies can be effective in both major and minor ailments during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. Sometimes homeopathy can help prevent problems and complications in ways that conventional medicine cannot match.

The experience of Dr. Joyce Frye, Clinical Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Gynaecology, & Reproductive Sciences at the University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine reflects this view.  After one Caesarian birth, she gave a mother homeopathy in three subsequent breech presentation pregnancies, and each time the baby turned safely and naturally following the remedy, delivering easily a few weeks later:

Without homeopathy, Jane would have had four Caesareans! For me, integrative medicine means trying homeopathy first.

I’ve had a similar experience in my own practice.

Can babies and children use homeopathy safely?

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We all know how vulnerable young bodies and minds are.   So homeopathy’s an excellent option, even for the newborn, where liquid remedies can be absorbed through the skin. It’s gentle, safe and natural, and the sweet pills are easy to take. (For the same reasons, homeopathy is also an obvious choice in pregnancy).

Children have tremendous vitality (as is evident in the way they wear us out!) and so produce strong, clear symptoms for homeopaths to work with. In my experience they display an equally clear, positive response to the remedy.

As with all age groups, homeopathy can support children suffering with emotional issues, behavioural problems, hyperactivity, temper tantrums, shyness, anxiety and nightmares.

It has a track record of benefitting children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) *.


Is there scientific evidence that homeopathy works in children?

Life is good!

Child-specific research studies demonstrate the help homeopathy can give to the young.

Details are on the Evidence Homeopathy Works page.

To cite just one example:

The authors of one study concluded that homeopathy should be the first line treatment for ear infections in children.

(Of 103 treated homeopathically only 5 needed antibiotics.) *

Childhood Vaccination

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There’s much anecdotal and scientific evidence to support the arguments both for and against vaccinating your child.

The question of whether or not to jab is often burdened with strong emotion, so rest assured I’ll support you without any prejudice in whatever decision you make. I can also direct you to unbiased information on both the pros and cons, so that your decision can be an informed one.  However, it would be unethical for me to advise you how to proceed.

I guess you’ll want to maximise your child’s immunity and optimise his or her health whether or not you choose to vaccinate.  And you may want to use homeopathy as support alongside any side effects if you do jab.

I have extensive professional experience of working with children – see About Alternative Tune for details.