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Patient records from a six month audit of my practice a few years ago showed that 90% of people reported a beneficial response to homeopathy.  The Society of Homeopaths conducted a similar survey nationally in 2006, of patients who complained of mental and emotional problems.  87% noted positive change from homeopathy*.

I’ve performed another audit recently, covering the 10 months from January to October 2016.  I’ve included all ‘true’ follow-up appointments in that time – i.e. excepting people whose last visit was over 12 months prior to this recent appointment, and for different reasons, making the latest visit a new ‘first’ consultation rather than a follow-up where progress could be measured. (These are all people who have benefitted from homeopathy with me in the past.)  Excluded too are October’s new patients whose first follow-up appointment is inevitably still pending.

The audit highlighted that 2016’s been a great year – this time 93% of people reported improvement at follow-up.  I imagine repeating that figure consistently would be a lofty aim; a more typical success rate is probably around 90%.


But does it really work for serious problems?  A case history

We’re all nervous of operations.  But imagine for a moment being terrified for your life because of a previous allergic response to opiates for pain relief during surgery.  This happened to one of my patients.  Her reaction was so strong it landed her in intensive care.

Cue my being asked to provide homeopathic relief.   I used remedies as an alternative to the normally routine administration of morphine and other chemical drugs when she had her essential knee operation in a Northamptonshire hospital.  No conventional medicines were used alongside the anaesthetic.  Nor were any used once its effect had worn off.

The patient’s post-operative pain was managed with homeopathy alone.

She came round far more quickly and gently than in her many previous operations, without any nausea or sickness – unlike all the other patients in the ward.  And she was walking on the injured leg within 2 hours of her surgery without conventional painkillers or medication of any kind – save for the continued use of homeopathy.