Imagine For A Moment…

Imagine recapturing your energy and zest for life, and coping better with:

  • Work, relationship & everyday stresses
  • Fear and panic attacks
  • Anxiety, despondency or low self esteem
  • Withheld grief
  • Unresolved trauma
  • Stressy symptoms

That better space needn’t be just a dream.  You can quite simply change your life with homeopathy:

In a 2006 survey 87% of patients complaining of mental or emotional difficulties reported positive change from homeopathic treatment. *
A 2009 study shows homeopathy is at least as effective as Prozac in mild – moderate depression.*

Medical bodies MHRA and NICE state the risks of taking antidepressants outweigh any benefits. Their advice? Seek alternative treatment.*

You could benefit next (for more information on homoeopathic care when battling anxiety or other emotional strain see SAD – Strain, Anxiety, Despondency.)  With a 90% success rate (see Results & Testimonials), and experience as a homoeopath for MIND, I’d love to help you. I’m warm, approachable and non-judgemental.  And I genuinely care.

Take that first step towards a better life right now by calling in confidence to see how I can help you.