Meet Your Homeopath, Lucy

Oops, you noticed – I haven’t said “hello” yet.  (Too busy wanting to help you instead).  So, a very warm welcome to the site.  Do come further in…

Read my personal guarantee to you by going to About Alternative Tune.  You’ll spot my qualifications and experience there too.  And you’ll find a real person – one who’s warm, open-minded, as serious and as silly as you, and who really cares.
Go to What is Homeopathy?  to learn how I personalise your care to benefit the ‘whole’ of you.  Evidence Homeopathy Works is where you’ll find the science proving homeopathy works, & my Testimonials (all with signature held on file) are there so others can reassure you.  They include a case study of homeopathy in the operating theatre.

Be assured your past, present and future are safe in Lucy’s capable hands.

(MR, Northants.)