Picture The Scene…

Imagine the smiles and laughter as the emotional and physical best in your child is gently coaxed out so that he or she can flourish.  Wouldn’t you love to:

  • Calm your baby?
  • Ease your little one’s nightmares?
  • See an end to challenging behaviour?
  • Balance your teenager’s moods?
  • Reduce her exam stresses?

With homeopathy, that carefree and happy scene can become a reality for your family:

Research in 2001 compares homeopathic treatment  and Ritalin in children with hyperactivity.  75% responded favourably to homeopathy and 22% to Ritalin – with the added bonus of no side effects from homeopathy.*
A 1997 study concluded that homeopathy should be the chosen treatment for ear infection in children: of 103 treated with homeopathic remedies only 5 needed antibiotics –- a success rate in excess of 95%.*

Just two snippets of evidence homeopathy works.  See Pregnancy, Babies, Children for further info. on homeopathy for kids of all ages – even while still a bump.

Call now to kick start the difference for your little one.  A seasoned teacher (see About Alternative Tune) I have DBS clearance, and enjoy a natural rapport with the little monkeys.

I’d love to help your child flourish.