Homeopathy Helpline

A patient of mine needed urgent homeopathic help recently while I was away. As usual, my answer machine message explained I was on a course and unable to answer calls, and left the number of the Homeopathy Helpline, along with its cost per minute (currently £1.55). She was reluctant to call though, as she’d not used the helpline before, and was unsure of the call costs. Let’s face it, none of us likes premium call rates!

Here’s a bit more info about the service though, which might put your mind at rest should you ever be in the same situation:

When you call you’re getting expert homeopathic advice from a registered homeopath, with over 30 years’ experience. Through running the helpline for many years, he also has far more experience than most homeopaths in dealing with acute situations.

I’ve used the service myself in the past, as have friends of mine, always with success, and calls are short but courteous and to the point, (usually under 2 minutes), respecting the cost involved. I’d say you’re getting expert help at very good value for money.

My patient got antibiotics from her GP, but was disappointed at having to take them as it’s not her usual way. So if like her, you’d like to avoid taking them and I’m not available, you can call the helpline on 0906 534 3404. My guess is you’ll be pleased you did.

Warm wishes,