Homeopathy on the farm

Inventor John Deere was born on 7th February 1804. His company’s signature green and yellow tractors pepper our fields to this day, and are friends to many a farmer.

Homeopathy too is the farmer’s friend. A truly cost-effective alternative, it can be used both as preventative medicine and in acute situations. Injuries, stressed animals, the challenges of lambing or calving, milk fever, mastitis and grief at separation from the mother are just some situations where the appropriate remedy can be used with great success.

Homeopathy for animals uses identical principles to that for humans, but here in the UK homeopaths are not qualified to treat animals. There are, however, homeopathic vets across the country. Remedy kits are available for farmers to use with their animals, and books on the subject are in print. Homeopathic vet Chris Day’s book “The Homeopathic Treatment of Beef and Dairy Cattle” is a favourite, which has relevance to other animals too. Some books are species specific – for horses, goats and pigs, for example. There’s even a course to empower farmers in using homeopathy on their farms. Aptly named too – Homeopathy at Wellie Level – https://hawl.co.uk.

I treat quite a few farmers, who have come to homeopathy for their own health, having seen first hand the ‘miracles’ arising from its use on the farm. So farmer or farm animal, homeopathy is both an effective and cost-effective tool alongside the tractor in the barn or in the farmhouse.

It’s been a chilly start to February for farmers and their animals. Let’s hope it warms up from now on.

Warm wishes,