Plastic Free July

A ‘passionate team’ in Australia have instigated Plastic Free July across the globe:

Hopefully lots of us will take on board the message and make this month the one where we finally implement at least one of those changes we’ve been intending to make since Sir David brought the crisis to our attention so arrestingly.

Here at Alternative Tune, I use very little plastic already. When I first qualified in the 1990s, the standard dispensing packets for remedies were little plastic wallets. Although I recognise its value in some applications, I’ve always disliked plastic as a material, preferring the look and feel of more organic materials – so I looked for an alternative early on and have been using tiny paper envelopes for years now.

I also switched bubble wrap for cardboard protection in the post some years ago. That does mean occasionally remedies can be crushed when going through the postal system, but the resulting powder is just as effective as the whole pillule. In fact, as odd as it sounds, you only need one speck of it to touch your tongue and you will have had a full dose. That’s because the physical pill is simply a holding vessel for the energy of the remedy (which is the active ingredient), and each individual speck will be infused with that.

Of course there are other improvements I can still make. I’ve been looking at ink cartridges recently. You may have noticed I always use a fountain pen when taking notes. It really helps save my writing from looking like a spider’s crawled over the page, and I love the fact I’m not using disposable plastic biros. But of course the most convenient option for replacing ink is a plastic cartridge. There are ink bottles out there though, and I’m considering the switch. The challenge comes when the ink runs out and I have to faff around with a bottle of messy liquid mid-consultation. You won’t want that!  I guess I need to be more organised and have a back-up pen to hand though. I’m sure if everyone else is changing old habits I can too.

Anyway, take a look at the link above if you get time, and let me know what change/s you’ve made this July.

Warm wishes,