Sting in the tail

The wasps round here have been out in force during the recent record-breakingly sweltering weather. I’ve seen a lot of people ducking and diving trying to avoid them, but a good friend of mine managed to get stung last weekend.

It’s a shame wasps are so despised when they’re in fact pollinators which are vastly beneficial to the ecosystem (and ultimately our economy.) But it’s understandable that we dislike them so much – I remember the searing pain the last time I was stung, a few years ago. It felt like a shard of glass piercing my skin, a horrible sharp, er, stinging, pain.

But the homeopathic toolkit has the perfect remedy for a wasp sting. Apis, the honey bee remedy, ’takes the sting out’ of the situation, idiomatically speaking. It causes the pain to subside to a bearable level, and speeds healing. Severe reactions to bee and jelly fish stings also benefit from a dose of Apis – the red, hot, puffy swelling and piercing pain responding well. (Incidentally, Apis is also useful in severe allergic reactions to drugs or injections.)

If you’ve ever been stung by a wasp and taken a dose of Apis you’ll know how quickly the initial intensity subsides, and how easy it is to carry on as if nothing has happened. I wouldn’t recommend you put yourself in the flight path of an angry wasp just to test the theory, but if you do get stung this summer do remember Apis, and be prepared to be amazed. It’s homeopathy at its simple best.

Warm wishes,