Take care of the pennies

Can you believe it’s May already, full of the promise of the summer ahead?  Well, perhaps not today; the ground’s getting a good soaking here…

Better that though than the dramatic events of May 1893, when the Wall Street Crash kicked off, with stock prices falling dramatically.  At the time it was the worst economic crisis in US history, with 600 banks going on to close and another 15,000 businesses going bankrupt amid 20% unemployment.

Big events like that, the Great Depression of the 1930s and the Financial Crisis of 2007-08 remind us how easy it is for fortunes to reverse, which is of course also true on a personal level. With life being a state of permanent flux and uncertainty, we never know what’s ahead until we round that next corner.

Luckily crises aren’t lurking round most bends, but for some people the mere knowledge that everything can be lost financially is a real anxiety.  Like other things which scare us though, a fear of poverty can help a homeopath find a good remedy.  It’s why you’re asked during your initial consultation what your fears are.

As always, it’s a whole collection of characteristics and symptoms which determine the best remedy for you, but fears, being so tangible, are especially useful to include in selecting a remedy.   Selected on an individual basis, some of the remedies which may help temper that fear of financial destitution are Bryonia, Calcarea Carbonica, Graphites, Lachesis, Nux-Vomica (which specifically has the fear of spending money so as not to be short of it in the future), Psorinum and Sepia.

Hopefully this May will pass without too many crises hiding round corners, and with plenty of days sunnier than today!

Warm wishes,