Your Consultation

A scriptYou can relax.  Enjoy that rare luxury of some ‘me time’, while I really listen to your concerns.  And there’s plenty of time; your first appointment lasts an hour and a half or more.

I ask diverse questions to get to know you and your health issues in depth and in confidence.  I’m interested in the many facets, not just physical, that make you who you are.  Things like your personality traits, passions, and responses to your surroundings.   Even your favourite foods.  Some questions seem unrelated to your health, even trivial, and certainly very different from those GPs ask.

But this snapshot refines my search for the closest homeopathic match for you. Looking for this ‘like with like’ resonance (see What is Homeopathy?) is a lengthy and thorough process – a kind of detective work.  So I don’t usually prescribe your remedy in the consultation; instead I post it as soon as possible after my in-depth analysis of your case notes.

What benefits should you expect on taking your remedy?

Feeling revitalised, on form, and more positive in yourself are common responses.   As is a sense of optimism and well-being.  And with your natural healing capacity set free, your immunity should be at an optimum.  Folk also report a zest for life, greater motivation and energy, a calmer outlook and generally feeling lighter.

There are no toxic side effects.  You may be in a minority of people who experience a mild ‘healing reaction’ – where the change in energy is uncomfy briefly or old symptoms return fleetingly.   Both are clear signs that things are responding.  Your body may expel stuff, as with e.g. a cold or a skin rash – a clearing out stage with a spring cleaning effect, and an encouraging prognosis.

The vast majority of people experience no discomfort at all.  These various reactions are all ‘normal’ and an important part of your unique healing process.  We do all react differently, so if you have any concerns about your response I’m here to help.

How many appointments will you need?

You’ll want to feel better asap, I’m sure.  So it’s encouraging that most people notice positive change very quickly (see Results & Testimonials).

Age, lifestyle and experiences can all affect the complexity of a case and your remedy response.  Generally, if you’re troubled by minor ailments with fewer symptoms you’ll respond sooner than those with a serious illness.

But those with complex illness benefit too.  There’s just more to work through.  Usually, the longer your symptoms have persisted, the longer it takes to restore balance.  But it’s still common to experience increased energy levels and an overall sense of greater well-being soon after taking the remedy.  Homeopathy begins working from deep inside so folk notice the change.

lucy-faceIt’s important to me you feel able to discuss your needs and never feel under pressure to attend further appointments – though I would be honest if I felt a visit would be in your best interests.

For me to gauge and monitor your reaction to a remedy, please be prepared for at least one follow-up appointment as a recommended part of the process.  As a rough guide, the average person chooses to return several times over the first six months or so of treatment, once they can see their progress.  After that it’s pretty much the occasional ‘MOT’.

Because homeopathy’s about balancing your whole being, it’s great preventative as well as restorative care.  So I encourage a check-up occasionally, like your dentist (or your trip computer flashing up when your car’s due a service!)  This periodic ‘MOT’ maintains optimum health and avoids crisis management later, so you can choose to visit regularly as part of taking responsibility for your own well-being.  Nothing beats a little ‘time out’ for your own needs – ultimately we all have more to give our loved ones when we’re on form.

There are numerous private health care schemes available which can help make homeopathy even better value.  To learn what good value it really is, please see Fees.



I practise in Powys (between Builth Wells and Hay-on-Wye).

My patients are drawn from the Welsh towns of Abergavenny, Brecon, Builth Wells, Crickhowell, Knighton, Llandrindod Wells, Rhayader and Talgarth, as well as their surrounding areas.

People visit from the Herefordshire towns of Hay-on-Wye, Hereford, Kington, Leominster and their surrounding areas as well.

In exceptional circumstances home visits within these areas may be possible.

Telephone and Skype appointments are also available.