Phone and Skype

We all know there’s nothing to match face-to-face communication, whether socially, in business or a healing space. But while real beats virtual in an ideal world, sometimes technology’s actually better.  Like when:

  • You have no local homeopath
  • You’re looking for the right therapeutic relationship, not the nearest
  • The weather’s bad (good old UK!)
  • Work means fitting in an appointment’s tricky
  • Your health issues make travel hard

For some, the extra privacy’s reassuring:

  • When issues or symptoms are very personal or embarrassing
  • If you’re naturally a shy or private person
  • For public or high-profile figures

So there’s certainly a place for phone and Skype consultations.  They give you the power to:

  • Choose the best homeopath for you – no geographical barrier
  • Save travel time & fuel
  • Save childcare costs
  • Prevent logistical nightmares
  • Get care for your child from home (no journey, no restlessness)

With its long-established track record, homeopathy is ancient therapy for the modern world – and that world’s changing fast.  So homeopaths are moving with it, and embracing the virtual space.  I’m embracing it because I’m a firm believer in vibrant good health reaching as many people as possible.

To chat about your virtual options, mail or call me now.